The Culture Factor




Hofstede Insights Japan のファシリテーター/コンサルタント 第5回 Erika Visser

2017.07.06 Erika Visser

文化とマネジメントの専門家集団であるHofstede Insights Japanのファシリテーター/コンサルタントは経歴も個性も様々。自身の異文化体験について、また日々感じていることをリレー形式で書いてまいります。



One of my greatest challenges working with different cultures was initially failing to recognize the differences between direct and indirect communication. I have always been curious about the impact of culture in a society especially coming from a country with numerous cultural and political conflicts (South Africa). When I moved abroad to Singapore, the differences between cultures became more evident and I was intrigued by the direct versus indirect manner that my Australian and Asian teams communicated. Initially I was not able to pinpoint the reason for the differences in behaviours when we had team meetings via teleconference. I was surprised by what I perceived as confidence from the Australian team versus the more indirect Asian teams. The differences in communication styles lead to several conflicts between these teams.

Through researching Hofstede’s 6-D model, it helped me to understand the reason for conflicts caused between direct and indirect communicators as part of individualism versus collectivism. Hofstede’s model thus helped me resolve these issues through awareness of our differences and it helped me to equip my regional teams with the knowledge to better understand and not judge different cultural value.

I think being aware of different cultural values is the first essential step to help us understand why we are different and then through utilizing this knowledge we can leverage our strengths in order to cooperate instead of using negative stereotyping. Always be curious about other cultures and keep on learning.




ホフステードの6次元モデルを研究することによって、集団主義の国では間接的なコミュニケーションが、個人主義の国では直接的なコミュニケーションが用いられることを知り、これらの国の出身者間で起こる葛藤の理由が理解できました。 ホフステードのモデル、つまり私たちのもつ国民文化の相違を認識し理解すれば、コミュニケーションに関わる様々な問題を解決することができます。「いい、悪い」と判断するのではなく、なぜそのような行動を取るのかを理解できれば、多様な国の出身者が集まるチームを効果的に運営していくことが可能です。


Erika Visser