The Culture Factor




Hofstede Insights Japan のファシリテーター/コンサルタント 第8回 Yoneko Shiraishi

2018.11.06 Yoneko Shiraishi

文化とマネジメントの専門家集団であるHofstede Insights Japanのファシリテーター/コンサルタントは経歴も個性も様々。自身の異文化体験について、また日々感じていることをリレー形式で書いてまいります。



I started traveling since very early age, and every time I arrived in a new place, I knew I had to change languages, but it came to my attention that adjusting one’s behavior was also a key factor in “being accepted” in the new place. Because I realized that what is noble and good in one place can be considered rude and bad in another.

Since the very moment I realized this, my enthusiasm for cross-culture communication has become an essential part of my professional life. And pursuing my studies and research is how I came across the Hofstede’s model, which meant, finally, being able to justify my own whys and to structure my own experiences within a scientific research, which allowed me to explain to my students and co-workers my various experiences, enabling me to teach, help and guide.

In other words, the Hofstede’s model will give you, without doubt, an insight of cultures all over the world in a practical, and yet, informed way. The Hofstede’s model is, in my opinion, the best tool for business people, and managers doing business all over the world. The Hofstede’s model creates a bridge of understanding across cultures to communicate not only better with each other but at a deeper level, because as we understand what moves the other person, we can make of our companies a genuinely global community to grow bigger and stronger.







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